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April 14, 2010

Apple delays iPad's international release

Posted: 11:01 AM ET

Apple fans in Japan, the United Kingdom and seven other countries will have to wait longer to get their hands on iPads.

Apple is postponing the international release of its new iPad because of stronger-than-expected demand for the device in the United States, the company said Wednesday.

A statement posted on Apple’s Web site said Apple has delivered more than 500,000 iPads since they went on sale in the United States on April 3 and the company expects demand to stay high.

“Faced with this surprisingly strong U.S. demand, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the international launch of iPad by one month, until the end of May,” the post said.

The slate computer was originally scheduled to go on sale April 24 in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Apple now will begin taking international pre-orders on May 10.

“We know that many international customers waiting to buy an iPad will be disappointed by this news, but we hope they will be pleased to learn the reason - the iPad is a runaway success in the U.S. thus far,” Apple's post read.

The iPad is a touch-screen, wireless computer that occupies the digital turf somewhere between a laptop and a smartphone. The model available now in the U.S. connects to the Internet over a Wi-Fi connection. Later this month Apple will start selling an iPad version that connects to the Web via 3G wireless service from AT&T.

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Chris   April 14th, 2010 11:35 am ET

Sounds like Apple needs more time to fix the problems with the first round of IPad's

Chris   April 14th, 2010 11:38 am ET

My Ipod Touch's WIFI started screwing up right after the latest update. I think the core of the WIFI issue is software, they need to address this first.

jeff   April 14th, 2010 11:42 am ET

They got plenty of IPAD, it makes more demand for the product if they say they have limited supply. This delay makes the consumer in the other country want the product even more...and will intensify the demand. Production on a product like this is basic....

Its business. No ones ever has "plenty of of hot donuts".

A Guy   April 14th, 2010 11:43 am ET

Strong demand....yeah, right. Have a look at the support forums on Apple's web site, then come back here and tell me all about strong demand. LOL

The reason they're delaying it is because the iPad has all kinds of problems.

William   April 14th, 2010 11:43 am ET

Hope all those new iPad owners sign up with Netflix so I can earn another 300% on my investment.

jeff   April 14th, 2010 11:46 am ET

@willie pruitt

Simple soultion willie. Make appointments with your mayor..then your congressman. Do it by phone then in writing, then show up a week after if they dont respond to his office.

If you dont get a sit down with your congressman or no solution. Take all your notes...the people you talked to your local new agency.....

Make a stink. squeaky wheel gets oil pal. Play the game as chess...not checkers.

Edgar   April 14th, 2010 11:51 am ET

I have an iPad and two office workers have it too. I still haven't seen any of the problems some people say they've had. The machine is incredible and I see more friends like me, changing their mind after they get their hands on one of these. It just seems contagious. Anyway, not sure if any of the people who've written before me have one to be able to criticize a product they know little about.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 12:00 pm ET

So Apple sold 300,000+ on day one of the Appl iFad. Since then its been how many weeks and only an additional 200k units have moved in the US? So, they are claiming that it has a HUGE demand and are thus holding off the release to other countries. Sounds a bit like the fad is dying and its more about Apple going into crisis diversion mode to fix the products issues before they release it to other nations.

Barry   April 14th, 2010 12:02 pm ET

You sure hear a lot about these supposed problems, but I got my iPad on day one, and it's been pretty much a flawless experience. Some of the apps could use a little primping, but compared to iPhone 2g, 3g, and 3gs rollouts, the iPad feels like a mature product release, probably because it IS a mature product at this point. (having the same guts as the 3gs).

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 12:02 pm ET

And for those doubters, heres the link to CNN's own article on the 300K Sales on day noe in the event someone calls me out on the figures:

John   April 14th, 2010 12:07 pm ET

My iPad is a dream. Works. Brilliantly. Does what I need. Netflix is awesome. The apps are killer. Thanks Apple! I bought another the next day and am anxiously awaiting the 3G I preordered. You can dis Apple but Apple's Apple. Want to hold mine?

Emilio   April 14th, 2010 12:11 pm ET

So two weeks ago they announced that on the first day there were sales of 350,000 ipads, that means that in the last 13 days there has been 150,00 sales, less than half of what happened on day one. And it would take them more than a month to be able to sell as many units as they sold on one single day.

That does not seem to be a sign of a product holding strong demand, or having good word of mouth. It does sound more like Apple is rethinking its strategy

cbw   April 14th, 2010 12:12 pm ET

lIllI: Read Apple's press release, it clearly states "we have delivered more than 500,000 iPads during its first week". It's right there on Apple's web site.

cbw   April 14th, 2010 12:13 pm ET

Emilio: don't let CNN's poor reporting skew reality, read Apple's official release here: They sold 500k in the *first week*.

Mike   April 14th, 2010 12:13 pm ET

I love my iPad, works great and has had near zero issues. I do think Appple is trying to creat more of a demand but the fact that the 3G has yet to be released worries me....

Tim   April 14th, 2010 12:14 pm ET

lIllI – the 300K first day sales INCLUDED ALL THE PRE-ORDERS. If you're going to post and re-post on this figure, at least know what went into it. They didn't sell 300,000 iPad's on the first day – that was the total of pre-orders and first day retail walk-up sales.

The third paragraph of the article YOU linked to says it quite clearly. Did you not read that?

"That figure included preordered iPads delivered to customers, sales at its retail stores, and deliveries to channel partners."

This includes all the iPad's BEST BUY ordered from Apple, as an example, along with all the pre-orders etc. etc. etc.

So I guess I'm calling you out on the fact that selling a further 200,000 iPad's after the month-long initial pre-order period and channel partner's stocking up with tens of thousands of units isn't an indication of a successful launch.

Apple's sold half a million devices at $500+ a pop. $2.5 BILLION worth of iPad sales in a couple weeks. What an utter flop.

And keep in mind that this is the razor, not the blade. The blade is all the app-store sales that will result from 500,000+ people now holding the access portal to $0.99 apps, books, songs etc. in their hands. The iPad, iPod touch and iPhone are all vehicles for the app store and online media sales.

I don't own an iPad and likely won't. I've had iPhones and currently prefer Android. I've owned iPods for years and years, but don't have one currently. I'm a power-user, and prefer more control over the apps and firmware on my devices, and have grown tired of jailbreaking my Apple devices to achieve that level of freedom.

If I'm going to get a tablet, it would be to take the place of a netbook or casual-use laptop. The iPad isn't that device – not yet.

Michael Schweitzer   April 14th, 2010 12:14 pm ET

I can't believe the hate posts on iPad. I own one. Zero problems. Zero wifi problems and I connect at multiple locations. It's an amazing device. Get off Apple's back! Always a loser out there to tear things down with their snide remarks.

Brendolyn   April 14th, 2010 12:17 pm ET

Another amazing product from Apple. I pre-ordered the high end model and am anxiously waiting for its delivery. Several of my friends have received theirs so I've gotten to play with the product. It's really incredible and it's making me even more excited to get mine.

There will always be people who diss Apple and that's ok. No company can please everyone all the time. I just don't like to hear criticism from people who haven't even seen it in person. If you test one and don't like it then fine, but until then please hold off on criticizing it.

Buford Kingsley   April 14th, 2010 12:18 pm ET

The iPad is a fad. It will never gain popular acceptance, just like the automobile. Sorry, gotta go muck out the stable!

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 12:18 pm ET

cbw: Apple "delivered" not "sold." There is a big difference. Delivering a product is stocking shelves/inventory for the "sale" of the product to costumers. So Apple delivered 500k units and only sold 300k on day one. Once again, please refer to my first post above.

Selling roughly 200k units in the week and a hlaf to two weeks after the first day of sales does not show strong support for the iFad. Selling fewer units in a little over 10 days than you did in the first 24 hours is indication of a weak product.

The real reason behind the added 1 month delay of the iFad to other countries: too many issues that Apple knows they need to fix!

iPad = FAIL

Tim   April 14th, 2010 12:18 pm ET

Sorry – of course I got my numbers wrong too – it's $250 Million, not $2.5 Billion.

Regardless – a success no matter the figure. What is a real shame is Apple's placing priority on US customers over the rest of the world.

Why should high demand in the US delay sales in all other countries? I'm glad US demand is high, but being in Canada, I can imagine there are some p-o'd buyers here who get told just days before planned availability that sorry, you have to wait another month?

I'd be driving across the border I suppose.

A guy   April 14th, 2010 12:19 pm ET

Ipads will become obsolete in 2-5 years anyways along with a lot of other technology. I don't understand what all the hype is about buying it for $600 to $800. I rather just wait for the new mac books and pay a little extra for something FULL FEATURE and less likely to become obsolete because it'll do almost everything an ipad does but better.

Patrick   April 14th, 2010 12:20 pm ET

WOW! you loved it so much you ordered another one the very next day?!?! AND A THIRD ONE IS IN THE WORKS!! well, christ! wish i had the means to drop hundreds of dollars here, and then there, and a little over here as well... over and over again, correct? spoiled, gross American is all i take from your comment , sir. but if you truly need three (maybe for the family?) why not throw some of that cash at the 25,000 people that die every day from starvation? good day, sir!

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 12:21 pm ET

Thank you for the post. I was hoping for someone to fall into the trap (evil grin):

"the 300K first day sales INCLUDED ALL THE PRE-ORDERS. If you're going to post and re-post on this figure, at least know what went into it. They didn't sell 300,000 iPad's on the first day – that was the total of pre-orders and first day retail walk-up sales."

So Apple only managed to sell 300k total between pre-orders and day 1! Thats even worse considering only about 200k units moved off shelves in the following week and a half.

Randolph   April 14th, 2010 12:21 pm ET

Seriously? This image is the best you guys could do for the article? Terrible.

mikael   April 14th, 2010 12:22 pm ET

So typical. US market first. Us "international" customers are so much less worth huh? It aint the US market that makes Apple anymore. All because Jobs is afraid to get on an aeroplane. What plonkers they are in treating loyal customers this way.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 12:25 pm ET

LOL Randolph. Her look is priceless. The caption should read:

After Jenny opened her birthday present from her parents should couldn't help but proclaim: "Oh iPad...umm, thanks? What do I do with this oversized paperweight?"

iPad   April 14th, 2010 12:26 pm ET

In the meantime aapl = $245. Keep talking idiots.

Mike   April 14th, 2010 12:26 pm ET

CNN: why there is no coverage on the "we pad"? why do you favor apple and not other gadgets that are good or better than the ipad?

Darg   April 14th, 2010 12:31 pm ET

So what I get from this is Apple doesn't really care about the customers in other countries and wishes to cater to the much smaller home grown customer base...too bad for you Apple.

Ryan   April 14th, 2010 12:32 pm ET

@Michael Schweitzer

And always a fan boy out there to praise a product even if there are problems with a device. Just because yours works flawlessly doesnt mean 100k units dont have an issue that didnt affect the run that you're particular unit was a part of.

Dont knock others opinions of something just because it isnt the same as yours.

ds   April 14th, 2010 12:32 pm ET

To the person listed as IIIII:

I think you forgot to take your mediacation today. You are an angry and craven indivisual and quite obviously unhappy with the success of Apple. Apple is an incredible company with wild success – soemthing that you don't have and something you will never have. Perhaps you should stick to your crayons and leave the innovations to others.

Pat   April 14th, 2010 12:36 pm ET

Ipad seems nice, just ordered one for my boss, it'll be here next week Tuesday! I, unfortunately, cannot afford it. I pay enough for internet/cable at home, I'm not going to pay for more internet. I think at home and at work is enough. For those that are enjoying theirs, that's great. Maybe in a year or so, the price will drop (like flat-screen TV's), then I'll look into one (and as long as I don't have to deal with AT&T service!).

ds   April 14th, 2010 12:36 pm ET

Many products have initial problems – some are long lasting – Toyota. From Washing Machines to mobile phones, and even Dell Laptops, you will find bugs that need to be worked out; it is all part of the manufacturing process.

Apple has a history of rectifying issues in a swift manner with great support. Have some patience and you will see.

Saluzzo   April 14th, 2010 12:36 pm ET

I have no idea why this product makes people so angry. Or why people who are angered by it keep reading articles about it and posting. No one is being forced to buy one, but I got one on the release date and I've had no problems with it at all. It meets about 95% of my non-work computer needs, doesn't take an age to start up, is light, easy to carry around and, yes, beautiful. And so far a great deal more reliable than the Lenovo I use for work.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 12:38 pm ET

Awww, thank you ds. Such blind loyalty to a company like Apple is humerous yet sad at the same time.

Yes Apple is successful, I never once said anything about Apple not being a success or failure. I merely was commenting on one of their products. Do try to stick to the topic at hand.

SoulardGuy   April 14th, 2010 12:44 pm ET

so what do you think is the real reason for the international release delay? wi-fi, other bugs?

KFC   April 14th, 2010 12:51 pm ET

Why is CNN still doing free press for apple? This isn't news it's advertising.

Keymaker   April 14th, 2010 12:55 pm ET

They're selling like crazy believe it or not. Not only are customers in the US buying them but there's also a bunch of groups of people buying them and ether selling them on Ebay for 2x of what they payed for and shipping them international. There's also people buying them by the dozens and flying them themselves out of the US and making big bucks.
Apple will only sell you 2 but if you got a bunch of friends you won't have a problem buying a bunch of them.

killbucket   April 14th, 2010 1:01 pm ET

500,000 is nothing by Apple product launch history. Floppo, it's another Newton, in almost every way...Proof Steve Jobs should retire.

joe   April 14th, 2010 1:03 pm ET

I turned 70 today (4/14) and after playing around with my wife and my sons i-pads for the last week I got my own today. It is amazing, especially to an old f-t like me. Nice birthday present.

Somefella   April 14th, 2010 1:03 pm ET

It's always amazing to me to watch how rumor can spin perception out of control.

My iPad is flawless. It has seen 6 – 8 hour of use everyday for almost two weeks. I've connected to over 10 independent and unrelated WiFi spots; the airport, Starbucks, the local library, my office, etc. It's been perfect.

It is the most amazing computer experience I've ever had and I've been using computers since punch cards.

Why people want to lash out at success baffles me. Folks, this is the real deal. The iPad and its ilk will transform computing. Get off your horse and welcome the future.

Josephus   April 14th, 2010 1:04 pm ET


You obviously arent that bright of an individual and lack some critical thinking skills. It is also apparent that you know nothing of economics or business. If first day and the prior 2-3 weeks of pre-orders numbered 300K how do you deduce that another 200k to finish out the week was a weak showing. In reality it took Apple 2-3 weeks to sell 300,000 Ipads. This number, over a 2 week period, would equate to just north of 20,000 Ipads a day and the number is obviously lower the longer the pre ordering was available, i have better things to do then look up the actual dates. Now lets look at the 200,000 of Ipads sold throughout the rest of the first week. That means that Apple sold an average of 33,333 Ipads a day the rest of the first week(the number you get when you divide 200k by 6), a 66% increase over the period before release. One could easily conclude that demand went up after launch. So why dont you just stop posting on this article cause you obviously dont know much of anything.

Amy   April 14th, 2010 1:06 pm ET

They're doing free press for Apple cos even the bozos who claim to have no interest in the thing keep clicking on these articles and posting. All CNN needs to do is check out the articles with the highest page views and assume that's what people want to read about.

I happen to like it; we've had no problems at all with ours. I wish I knew about it last year as it could have taken the place of my laptop. That won't work for everyone, but for me – yes.

Ballz   April 14th, 2010 1:09 pm ET

Nice to see that apple used the sheep of America as test platform

Independent Thinker   April 14th, 2010 1:10 pm ET

All the haters and nay sayers are those who don't have one or just hate Apple.

I have one. It works perfectly and will be one of the great inventions of the decade. The possibilities are unlimited.

Apple is leading the way again.

This product will increase in demand as people really get to see it.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:11 pm ET

Aww...did I push your button too Joseph? Hehehe

And to answer Somefella and Saluzzo on why people love to mock and prod at anything Apple is quite simple:
Haven't you caught on yet? Its the simple fact that just one post against an Apple product gets all the Apple Fanboiz so riled up, the entertainment lasts for hours from their responses.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:13 pm ET

Ballz, ya, I think that Apple should have called the product BetaPad. Then when they released it to the world on May 10, they could actually call it the iPad.

ds   April 14th, 2010 1:13 pm ET

IIIII = an uneducated, ignorant, philistine.

Get some rest and have a glass of milk; take a burp and maybe – just maybe – you may feel better.

killbucket   April 14th, 2010 1:14 pm ET

You can buy oodles of apps for it. It can only run one at a time. We're DONE.

Josephus   April 14th, 2010 1:19 pm ET

No, you didnt push my button, I just hate retards who are obviously wrong and are too blind to see it. By your lack of meaninful response I'll assume that you realize your errors in computing and logical thought. On another note, if you actually left your computer station (I imagine ur locked in 24 hrs a day to WOW like the loser you are) and held or played around with an Ipad you might have a different view. At first I was skeptical and did not pre-order, I just happened to have been fortunate enough to receive one free of charge and havent put it down since. The apps are what really make the Ipad what it is, its slightly unfortunate the percentage of apps that are pay apps on the Ipad as opposed to the iphone/ipod apps.

Josephus   April 14th, 2010 1:21 pm ET


You're obviously not well informed. Multi-tasking will be available in the Fall...try to think before you talk, next time you might stop yourself from saying something stupid

Ryan   April 14th, 2010 1:21 pm ET

Seems like some people have forgotten the #1 rule of forum and comment posting...........DONT FEED THE TROLLS. Ignore them and something else shiny will distract then long enough to find something else to occupy their time.

The one thing he is correct on and its not just with Apple Fanboys but fanboys of any product and that is 1negative comment will have the boards in an uproar for hours. Citing this figure or that feature and how amazing the item is long after the troll lost interest and stopped baiting the posters.
It's one of the draw backs to forums but also one of the entertaining ones.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:23 pm ET

Come now ds, you can do so much better than resorting to name calling. Tisk tisk tisk.

Please, explain to me in a civilized manner, what is just so great about the iFad than would quantify or necessitate my drive to procure such a technologically advanced doohicky for myself?

Why purchase an item which does less than a laptop yet costs more? It baffles the logical mind.

ds   April 14th, 2010 1:24 pm ET

Have pity on the poor ba@$&rd, IIII. A loser who has no life and simply fumbles around the web trying to bring others down to his level. This excuse for a person just wants to be heard. A lost soul with ZERO direction. A loser in all the way.

ds   April 14th, 2010 1:26 pm ET

IIIII – you are starting to bore me as well as the majority of people on here. I took a aspirin a while ago and I'm wondering why you are still here.

And lastly, you are simply wasting your breath; and that is no great loss either.

Josephus   April 14th, 2010 1:28 pm ET


Much agreed...

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:29 pm ET

Josephus: "(I imagine ur locked in 24 hrs a day to WOW like the loser you are)....At first I was skeptical and did not pre-order, I just happened to have been fortunate enough to receive one free of charge and havent put it down since."

Now who is the "loser?" You openly admit you cannot put down your iPad. So you cannot live/function without it? Who has the real problem here?

Jo, Jo, Jo. You should really think a little more before you start to type out your rants. If you showed a little patience and re-read your posts with any amount of reading comprehension on your part before you click submit, you might notice the illogical non-sense you think up.

Now, take another number and go back to the end of the line. Next!

blake   April 14th, 2010 1:29 pm ET

Lol....I see a bunch of Apple trolls justifying the sales figures. Thats low Apple, real low...let the product speak for itself

Michael   April 14th, 2010 1:30 pm ET

IIII: iPad is a flop just like the iPod was a flop and just like the iPhone was a flop and just like the....wait, they were't flops. Incredible successes.

I'll be honest. I'm going to put my money down on the bet that Steve Jobs (Named CEO of the year? CEO of the Decade? etc?) and Apple know more about what's hip and what's trendy than someone posting under a pseudonym of 'IIII' who claims that yet another Apple product will fail.

Just like the iPod, the iPhone...

Keep it going IIII – plenty of room for the trolls, here.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:31 pm ET

ds: "And lastly, you are simply wasting your breath; and that is no great loss either."

Apparently not as you seem to still be compelled to reply yet again to my posts.

lIIlI scores again! :P

Samantha   April 14th, 2010 1:35 pm ET

Why don't you iPad whiners go line for a windows zune or a windows tablet? Can't wait for your whining if you ever get past your repeated blue screens of death and poorly thought out pop-ups and viruses. Then you can install office 7 (super-ultra family edition) for $200 instead of for $30.

I have none of these problems on any of my apple devices/computer ever since I switched over after the intel transition.

Being able to treat your computer like you toaster or vacuum cleaner and not have to treat it like the cobbled ill conceived, illegally infiltrated product bludgeoned over our heads and forced onto our desktops is why people love apple products.

Eric   April 14th, 2010 1:35 pm ET

@killbucket: iphone os 4.0 going to be released in the fall for ipads so it will be able to run more then one app at time

So if the ipad is a fail think of this:

The iphone who we all know how big of a fail it is an every maker is trying to play catch up with sold 1 million units in 74 days

the ipad is selling 500k units in a month without international sales

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:36 pm ET

Aww...did I really say that about the iPod? Please link the article? Please. Ranting and bantering about posts I actually did, but committing lible is a whole 'nother story Michael.

But I have great news for all you Apple Fanboiz! Apple just announced their new iCalc! Imagine owning a pocket sized calculator which when you press any key on its fancy rubber button pad the liquid crystal screen will display a random assortment of Apple Logos and $-signs! It will retail for a low price of $399.99!

ds   April 14th, 2010 1:36 pm ET

You are a wise man. Concur 100%

So many wannabe's on these posts!

Roger Simpson   April 14th, 2010 1:37 pm ET

I have an Ipod Touch and recently got myself a Netbook.. I know wish I hadent wasted the money gettin the Ipod touch.

Why would anyone want to buy an Ipad instead of a Netbook is beyond me.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:38 pm ET

edit to above post: "Ranting and bantering about posts I actually did is one thing, but committing libel is a whole 'nother story Michael."

James   April 14th, 2010 1:39 pm ET

Not sure how many who posted here actually own or tried to own an iPad. I been trying for 3 days to get a second iPad and Apple have cancelled my purchase each time saying they are limiting the amount you can purchase.

I already own one, but I want to get 1 more for myself. Going to give my current one to my nephew.

I also have had no Wifi problems. This is actually my first Apple product so I am not an apple worshipper. I am impressed by iPad though and how well it works, that is why I am trying to get another one.

apple   April 14th, 2010 1:40 pm ET

More network problems for iPad?

STALiN   April 14th, 2010 1:42 pm ET

you're all gay ....

cbw   April 14th, 2010 1:42 pm ET

Sheesh, buy one, or don't buy one... clearly, for a number of people, it's a device that adds some value to their life if they're willing to pay for it. For others, maybe not.

"Success" is a subjective measure. We'll see how Wall Street gauges the product over time, but to declare it a failure because of a couple ambiguous data points is disingenuous at best.

magb   April 14th, 2010 1:42 pm ET

great picture choice for this article ... really? thats all we could come up with?

the comments are amusing ... doesn't anyone in America have a job? or are you all on your iPads, working from home??

im laughing it up as i watch AAPL soar to 245 and some change.

i want one! and i don't really give a damn what anyone thinks! or when it's "released" internationally.

Jesse   April 14th, 2010 1:43 pm ET

There is so much stupidity in this thread that it's is unbelievable. Apple is out of stock of it's new niche product. They have only sold the Wifi version, as no 3gs have been sold yet, and they only sold them in the US market.

These results are unbelievable. They can only be interpreted one way, extremely bullish.

Be smart buy the stock, and buy an Ipad.

no1der   April 14th, 2010 1:46 pm ET

"CNN: why there is no coverage on the "we pad"? why do you favor apple and not other gadgets that are good or better than the ipad?"

Umm... because one can actually buy an iPad, today?

Everything else is just press releases, promises and limited canned demos. Except for the Archos1, which has been panned as dog-slow, as all the others are likely to be if they run Windows and/or Flash.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 1:48 pm ET

Love you too STALiN

Eric   April 14th, 2010 1:50 pm ET

@james: Yeah they are a must try even if you hate them i was able to get my hands on one opening day an there a dream to play with it would be great for college rather then carrying a laptop every were just for taking notes (hate netbooks). I just got to come up wtih a $450 to get one (college students/teachers get a 10% discount on any apple product)

Jeffrey   April 14th, 2010 1:55 pm ET

I bought my iPad on Day One and have not had any issues with it whatsoever, but I have had to re-boot my Windows-based work pc about 15 times during the same time frame due to it freezing up. Are there some acknowledged bugs with the iPad experienced by some (not me) that need to be worked out? Sure. But knowing Apple, they will be on it and correct the problem in a jiffy. I love my iPad.

Made in China   April 14th, 2010 2:00 pm ET

Why are all Apple products Made in China?

SHENZHEN, CN 03/30/2010 1:43 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN

morefactspls   April 14th, 2010 2:00 pm ET

Hmmm, let's see...

Last week, CNN reported that iPad had, thus far, undersold by over 400,000 units by Apple's own estimates.

I am sure this delay has nothing to do with the iPad's wi-fi problems.

Great analysis and in depth reporting as usual CNN or maybe just typical CNN – soon to replace NPR as the king of fluff "news."

Oskar   April 14th, 2010 2:00 pm ET

And I skipped my algebra exam because I am an algebra genius. Of course!

Ahmed Hashim   April 14th, 2010 2:09 pm ET

Apples marketing tactics is so far the best. You know what i mean! They will probably sell a million ipads by the end of this year

Ricky   April 14th, 2010 2:10 pm ET

That fat woman in the picture looks like she's holding a giant snicker bar. MMMMM MUST EAT!!!

Somefella   April 14th, 2010 2:13 pm ET

Ahmed, you should start a betting pool. You're in for a million. You can put my $$$ on them doing 4 million by year end.

chris   April 14th, 2010 2:13 pm ET

Love how all the Flame-Boys chime up to say how bad the iPad is when they don't even have one. I've had one since the day it came out with no problems. For someone that supposedly hates Apple, you guys sure spend a good portion of your time researching them.

Some Kid   April 14th, 2010 2:15 pm ET

Once again, America has to whine until they get what they want, and they make the rest of the world wait.

Igor   April 14th, 2010 2:17 pm ET

I convinced my family that I "absolutely" needed an Ipad, and bought on the first day. To say I love it is an understatement! No problems whatsoever. I watch Netflix (great quality), download books (classics are free, dictionary feature is great and easy to use. I downloaded all my pictures! Wow! I-pad is not a computer! It's a convenient device that some of you don't need. So, Ipad lovers, let's enjoy it until something better comes along! It is expensive, but hey, I work hard enough, don't I?

Grant   April 14th, 2010 2:19 pm ET

People keep talking about these "problems" Apple needs time to fix. We bought our company iPads and haven't looked back. No problems. Zilch. They work flawlessly. I'm not saying demand is the actual reason for Apple's delay. They could be posturing for many reasons – but to fix problems?

It's funny how the people will try to speak these problems into existence. It's like the little train that could. "I think I can". Well, you couldn't and you can't. And, you didn't have the vision for the iPad. Every attempt at a netbook or tablet PC to this point has been a flop. Now, as usual, Apple has a device that everyone wants and here comes the opposition spin.

Mike   April 14th, 2010 2:19 pm ET

Thank you CNN for the up to date information about this important breaking news story. Apple, apple, apple.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 2:23 pm ET

Chris, let's see: researched the product on numerous sites including Apple's and also checked the product out in store just to see about the hype/fad. It did not sell me. I am sorry, but having Apple tell me what can and cannot be installed onto a device that after purchasing is mine is not good business. Now, if it was a lease/rental, that's something else. but the money spent on these products is to out-right own them.

Just because us "nay-sayers" have done the research and can see beyond the smoke and mirrors that is Apple, yet you can't see the forest through the trees is not our fault. Steve holds up a shiny can of green beans with an Apple logo and calls it iGreens and offers to sell it at $15 dollars a can, the Apple Fanboiz will flock in droves to get their hands on it. Its really sad.

Johnny Triumph   April 14th, 2010 2:25 pm ET

More time to troubleshoot the pesky wifi issues (how did their quality assurance MISS that one???)

jason   April 14th, 2010 2:27 pm ET

yea – high demand from US entrepreneurs gobbling up the supply of ipad's and shipping them abroad for a profit...way to exacerbate the situation apple...

James   April 14th, 2010 2:29 pm ET

I've had an iPad since day one. Love it, zero problems.I'm always have people ask me if they can see it when I have it out. It's a cool produce and we worth it.

David G.   April 14th, 2010 2:35 pm ET

I've had no troubles at all with my iPad - makes me wonder just how many of these problem reports are by trolls hanging around forums (like the ones here). So far I love it!

scott Kenan   April 14th, 2010 2:38 pm ET

I love my iPad and have seen it transform people's ideas of reality and the internet, specifically, so that whole new worlds seem to open up. It takes a conspiracy to spread so much misinformation on the thing. I bet it's the Republicans (again).

Russell   April 14th, 2010 2:42 pm ET

Mine is insanely great!

Do you Mac haters actually think that windows machines are problem free??

Apple laughs at you PC'ers all the way to the bank.

lIllI   April 14th, 2010 2:47 pm ET

No nothing is problem free at all. Especiialy 1st gen products. Apple is also laughing at the drones who got suckered into purchasing what amounts to be nothing more than a high over-priced, shell of an iPhone. Apple Fanboiz are just way to easy to ridicule for this simple reason. You worship Apple and its products like a God and its quite entertaining.

Kelly   April 14th, 2010 3:07 pm ET

So if you post a negative comment, you are a troll? Nice.

Kelly   April 14th, 2010 3:14 pm ET

"Why don't you iPad whiners go line for a windows zune or a windows tablet? Can't wait for your whining if you ever get past your repeated blue screens of death and poorly thought out pop-ups and viruses. Then you can install office 7 (super-ultra family edition) for $200 instead of for $30."

And yet you slag the same arguments made against ipads? Taken out of context, any piece of hardware can be made to look bad.

Windows 7 is pretty darn good. OSX is pretty darn good. It is all user preference, so why the hate?

Russell   April 14th, 2010 3:14 pm ET

@IIIIIIIII, you are incorrect, I am an IT atheist. I love the ipad as a giant ipod touch. One that I can actually see whats going on and one that fits my big hands.

Let me guess, Windows 7 was your idea

ss   April 14th, 2010 3:17 pm ET

Ha Ha... to russell...

"And apple laughs at you too all the way to the bank"...

FR   April 14th, 2010 3:20 pm ET

Apple is the best! They have the best products and the have made an impact around the globe. Go ahead and nitpick their products, service, stores, employees, etc. to pieces. Go ahead find a scab and pick at it. Apple is head and shoulders everyone else. All of you on here that are critical are closet fans and you all know it. Come on out and join the masses. If you were smart you would all buy a few shares of Apple stock.....great company! Eat your hearts out all of you haters!

Chris from Budapest   April 14th, 2010 3:21 pm ET

Classic publicity stunt!!!
This is also the way concert tickets are sold.

Ernesto Bozzletalk   April 14th, 2010 3:22 pm ET

There was a release before applying the pad? uh oh. someone's gonna be wearing a sweat shirt tied around their waste for the rest of the day.

Russell   April 14th, 2010 3:37 pm ET

@ss...what part of I really like my iPad and think it was with it don't you get?

Wes   April 14th, 2010 3:39 pm ET

@ Patrick – I'm sorry, since when do you get to judge how people spend their free money? Yes, Patrick, some people can afford to drop a few grand here and there, and that does not make them spoiled American pigs.

I wonder if I should spend time commenting on some Microsoft news articles, complementing people on their frugality. Nah, there probably aren't any MS articles out there anyway.

Go Apple:)

Dennis Sarr   April 14th, 2010 3:41 pm ET

My wife and I picked up ours the first hour it was available. We just love them. We left for a trip to the east coast the day after. SeaTac wifi is free, no problems, Atlanta charged, Myrtle Beach is free, the Marriott wife was free. The ATT wifi server had problem in SC for a couple of day, but it was not the wireless. Wireless at home with full encryption was faultless. I even downloaded some apps and a book. The TSA at the airports doesn't require taking the iPAD out of the carry on, so another plus. Battery life is great!

David   April 14th, 2010 4:37 pm ET

My iPad has worked perfectly since I got it on April 3rd. No network problems, nothing.

What I choose to spend my money on is no one else's business but my own. I wanted it, I can afford it, I bought it. End of story.

While my job requires a Windows machine (I do IT), I will never have another windows-based machine of any kind in my house for personal use after the Vista fiasco. I have no issues with the PC hardware vendors, I am just sick of Microsoft operating systems.

If that makes me an Apple Fanboi, then I'm more than happy to wear that badge.

PD   April 14th, 2010 4:46 pm ET

I love to read about Apple products and then leave all kinds of negative comments and witty put downs while knowing little or nothing about it, hey look at me, I'm Sarah Palin

LG   April 14th, 2010 4:56 pm ET

Yeah whatever, I just return my IPAD for wifi issues. Apple releases a hands on fix, but how does one reset routers and update firmware at wifi spots. I could not establish a continuous wifi connection at my university. With only a 14 day return policy and the fear it may be a hardware issue, I did not take any chances. Plus I did find it annoying i could not use the on the Ipad. However, once all the bugs are fixed and more apps are released, I will consider getting the device again. The applestore did give me better than expected treatment and did not charge me a return stocking fee.

angie   April 14th, 2010 5:51 pm ET

hey i think that they shouldn't cancel it cuz thats gonne suk and plus im actuallly waiting to get one of those ipads or wat ever so this ganna suck 4 some ppl out there dnt u think ??????

later baby chik is OUT !!! SUKERS

Apple, Inc Statement: iPad™ International Orders Delayed One Month   April 14th, 2010 5:53 pm ET

[...] to CNN: The slate computer was originally scheduled to go on sale April 24 in Australia, Canada, France, [...]

hightimes   April 14th, 2010 5:54 pm ET

Well apple just lost some orders,again...they only care about the US market!!! really disappointing and now they lost a sale from me.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira   April 14th, 2010 5:55 pm ET

Sad how people wast energy about things they do not like.

At least Apple "fans" as CNN sold it, CNN how low can you get, spend no time listening to fools!

Cesare Lombroso   April 14th, 2010 6:48 pm ET

It must be the problems with the I-Pad everyone is buzzing about. Best to wait to get one of these even though I am 100% Apple.

tusnius » Quieres tu iPad, pues te vas a tener que esperar…   April 14th, 2010 7:10 pm ET

[...] en CNN Fotos Tags relacionados: Apple, iPad, Portable, Tablet, [...]

CaligulaJR   April 14th, 2010 7:39 pm ET

Note, Israel will NOT allow iPads into the country and will charge you, per day, to keep it in a little "prison" until you're ready to leave the country!!!!

CW   April 14th, 2010 7:58 pm ET

Most of these comments look like they were posted by folks that haven't been closer to an iPad than a hundred yards. Mine works flawlessly and any time I take it out in public I spend more time showing it to complete strangers than I do actually using it. BTW not one has ever said "pass" – most just look longingly....... The iPad plus GoGo wi-fi is a killer combo.

Manny   April 14th, 2010 8:17 pm ET

Ill just wait until they have the 3G wireless connection and the camera, dont be stupid and buy the first iPad on the market, because the original apple product is sure to suck.

John C   April 14th, 2010 8:34 pm ET

Why are people here speculating about Apple delaying the global release of iPAD because they have to fix problems? The fact is that I have been trying to get an iPAD at my local Apple store the last couple weeks, and they are always sold out! Anyone else in the US experiencing this same problem, please speak up.

I wonder if Microsoft or Dell (or other big companies) are paying people to come on CNN and write disparaging comments.

alternative   April 14th, 2010 9:05 pm ET

For those who are not into the iPad, you can consider this:

Joe   April 14th, 2010 9:34 pm ET

Ever since the iPad was launched we have had fantastic weather here in KY! Coincidence? I think not! Thank you Mr. Jobs and I believe your next release will also halt global warming while offering the best entertainment experience anyone could possibly ever have.

Eric Nicolas   April 14th, 2010 9:38 pm ET

The religiosity of those who love and those who (for some reason) hate Apple is interesting. Is no one neutral? I use a Windows 7 machine for everyday computing, but I have an iPod and it's a nice device. I might buy an iPad if I think it really adds something to my life. I have a Kindle for reading and don't much care for back-lit screens for that, but I haven't seen an iPad screen so I won't pass judgement. These are just gadgets, not deities to worship. The only valid criticism of Apple I can see is their insistence on closed systems. They claim this is to control quality, but it also makes it easy to maintain high prices. HP has a slate coming out that has many features iPad lacks. If it seems a better choice then it wins. Apple has a headstart on the touch screen technology but that won't last forever. It isn't about who makes it – it's about what works.

Joe   April 14th, 2010 9:42 pm ET

It's not that Windows users hate Apple per se (or at least, I don't) but we do hate the smug air of self-righteousness and assumption that all non-Apple machines are crap that seems to characterize most fanbois.

John Fitzgerald   April 14th, 2010 9:55 pm ET

If AAPL sells 500,000 iPads in first week, please remember, these are admittedly the low end version with only wi-fi access. How many more 3G iPads will be sold? Everyone I know at work is waiting for wireless version. iPhone is still AT&T monopoly. 4G iPhone comes out w/ Verizon next year. Apple is at $350 by end of 2011.

danywin   April 14th, 2010 10:25 pm ET

Planning an import/export business! Start from here with! A fastest growing B2B trade portal, open to FR-E-E registration!

Milezero   April 14th, 2010 10:43 pm ET

I bought an iPad out of curiosity. I am not a big apple fan. I don't think this is something that can really be used for serious purposes. It's a nice viewer but it's really toy. Also, I think people will use it less after having it for awhile because you have to hold it to use it. ( unless you want to spend more money on accessories to make it more like a laptop.

Gus, Brooklyn, NY   April 14th, 2010 11:21 pm ET

I don't know about exact figures, but I can tell you I wanted to buy a $499 iPad yesterday for my brother and I haven't been able to find one in all of Manhattan, so I am thinking the demand story holds water. I don't deny that people are having some wifi problems, the Apple forums clearly show that, but when you sell hundreds of thousands of units, even if 0.5% of people have problems that is still a lot of people.

amused   April 15th, 2010 12:27 am ET

Funny how materialistic you apple fanboys are... "I have an apple product, therefore I am better than you"

Truth is: iPad was designed for fanboys by a brilliant CEO (yes, he's brilliant since he knows how to exploit the weak-minded sheep who eagerly lap up everything he throws at them), but is useless for anyone else. And heads up: its not a NEW INVENTION as some claim, since tablet computers have been around for a while now, with older ones having MORE functionality than the iPad.

Now I shall sit back and laugh as the sheep rage at my post. Or better yet, I'm going to go out (without my face buried in my iPhone or iPad or whatever other iThing you want, since I have a life that isn't linked to apple products.

laysomepipe   April 15th, 2010 12:27 am ET

apple makes me hungry.

Stefano   April 15th, 2010 1:01 am ET

Mmmmm how nice of Apple to take into consideration the US market, and delay the rest.... or is it that they have a problem?!?! With this behavior towards clients, I suppose now I have a reason to cancel my april pre order, and wait at least 6 months to see what problems there are. On the net Ipad has got quite a few problems that are already visible. So Posponing sales to sell more in the US? not quite fair....solve the problems then sell to everyone. Or are they just using the US consumer as Guinea pigs?

David   April 15th, 2010 1:35 am ET

LOL... I love how people are citing the 300,000 sold on day one and the 200,000 sold since then as proof that sales are dwindling for the product. First of all, do any of you pay attention to sales of other anticipated products, or even movie tickets? The people who have been anticipating the product are going to be there opening day, so it's quite natural to have a huge sales push early, with fewer sales afterwords. But the iPad has only been out less than two weeks, and I think 200,000 sales in two weeks is phenomenal for any kind of tech gadget. Can someone tell me of any other computer device that moved those kinds of numbers?

Yes, I own one. Yes, I love it. No, I've had zero problems with it.

Savonarola   April 15th, 2010 2:00 am ET

I love the "sheep" comment coming from people who undoubtedly use the same OS that 90% of the rest of the world uses.

I also love the criticism that the iPad is curtailing freedom because it eschews the proprietary, closed, Flash environment and instead wants developers to use the open HTML 5 standard instead. It's contradictory to decry one vendor (Apple) for being propiertary while lauding another product (Flash) that suffers from the same deficiency.

I also find it weird that people don't want to buy a product that "prevents" them from installing whatever they want. Do you have this freedom with a Kindle? A DVR? A network hub? A car stereo? If you stop thinking of this as a CPU, perhaps it wil stress you out less.

Warren   April 15th, 2010 6:14 am ET


Can you tell me which how many other consumer elctronic product has sold 300,000 units on Day 1 (including pre-orders) and another 200,000 units in the first 10 days after launch? iPod, iPhone & Wii? If that is not a huge success, then what is YOUR definition of success? If Apple sells 10,000 units of iPad per day, that will work out to > 3.6 million units a year. That's HUGE !!!!!

The iPad is sold only in the US and when the iPad goes global to Europe, Asia and Australia, the numbers will be staggering.

The iPad may not be as big as the iPod or iPhone or Mac, that doesn't make it a failure. Many companies have marketed the Tablet and failed, so let's see if Apple could make a difference. Likewise, MP3s and Mobile Phones had been around for a long time before Apple jumped in.

I have never bought any Apple products before and will not buy the current iPad but I will reconsider when there are more features. However, I am not a "hater" like you, IIIII. You are obviously an angry person and enjoys attacking and tearing at others without basis. Shame!!!

lIllI   April 15th, 2010 6:44 am ET

@ Warren:
Don't have the pre-launch or the first 24 hour figures, but....

Kindle – sold out in 5 1/2 hours (Amazon doesn't release their sales figures so I cannot locate the number of units sold).
PS3 – 2 million units in first 2 months
Xbox – 1.5 million units in first month

Just to really get the Fanboiz ranting and raving:
Commodore 64 – 1 million + units sold within the 4 months of its release (impressive for 1982)

And Warren, please point out in any of my posts above where I stated i was a "hater." I merely state a few things to get all the Apple Fanboiz riled up. You should try it sometimes. Way to easy since Steve has them hook line and sinker.

lIllI   April 15th, 2010 6:51 am ET

Sidenote: I really wanted to list the sales figures for the original Sony Walkman from 1979, but am unable to locate sales figures for that year and product. Its a shame really, but oh well.

And thank you for pointing out the (pardon me for a lack of better wording here) "brainwashing" by Steve Jobs: he designs a product that is pretty much a tablet as you claim: ("Many companies have marketed the Tablet and failed, so let's see if Apple could make a difference."). So, to avoid the failure of another tablet, Steve markets it as neither a laptop/netbook or tablet, claiming its something new and different. Thus driving the Apple Fanboiz into a craze and thus wanting one creating all the hype. They will buy anything that Steve puts on the market so long as it has an the partially eaten apple sticker on it somewhere. And that is the part that amuses us so called 'haters." We do not hate, we merely enjoy watching the mindless driivel of the mindless Apple masses.

Cape Canaveral Don   April 15th, 2010 8:58 am ET

Mine works great and I use it for work and play. Well worth the wait.

I find that the only people who don't like them are, interestingly enough, those who have never used one. For some reason they want to share their opinion with us. That, I don't understand. Kind of like me reviewing a Droid, but only by reading the specs.

No problem with WiFi. When I first got it, it didn't see a Lynksys router, I reset the network and now I use hotspots all over the place.

For me, the iPad is a great device.

kelly major   April 15th, 2010 10:19 am ET

Hey! Here's a novel idea!
If you do want one, buy one.
If you DON'T want one, DON'T buy one.
DON'T comment about it here, and when those do,
when they obviously DON'T want one, only make
themselves sound like whining children.
By all means, GO buy whatever product you DO
want, and leave your comments there.
Sheesh! What a bunch of babies!

blahblah   April 15th, 2010 10:21 am ET

From a bunch of the negative posts, looks like a lot of the old school MS PC convalescent users just cant handle another youthful Apple success story.

lIllI   April 15th, 2010 10:47 am ET

@blahblah: Who said its a success story? The product hasn't been out long enough to claim its a success. If sales fall off over time its not a success, just a hype. Hype = the first week or so of sales. Success = long-term sustainability on the market. i.e – continued sales over a long period of time.   April 15th, 2010 11:16 am ET


Success = ipod, iphone, itunes, MacBook, APPLE!!!

Deal with it and accept it. Period.

Krish   April 15th, 2010 11:28 am ET

It is absolutely amazing why some people will talk bad about the product when they dont even have one. I got mine last week and it works absolutely fine, no problem at all, the wifi works fine, the apps works fine and it is the best internet experience I had better than the laptop.

lIllI   April 15th, 2010 12:15 pm ET, I am not disputing the success of those 4 devices. they were inovative in what they could do and what they were designed to do. As for the iPad, having an oversized iPod without the ability to be used as a phone and no camera for a much higher price makes no sense. I guess they were right when they said common sense is a thing of the past. All you have to do is look to Apple Fanboiz and you'll see its true.

lIllI   April 15th, 2010 12:16 pm ET

Correction, it should have read: "an oversized iPhone without the ability..."

Doghouse Riley   April 15th, 2010 12:33 pm ET

I bought an ipad and then walked outside the store where everyone was lined up to buy one, and I SMASHED it right in front of everybody!

Aaron   April 15th, 2010 12:55 pm ET

Those that claim that the iPad is just a fad that will go away clearly don't understand the history of technology. Among the things that were once considered fads are: electricity, gas stoves, refrigerators, telephones, automobiles, vacuum cleaners, personal computers, the Internet, just to name a few.

If it's just a fad, why are scores of other companies, such as Microsoft, HP, Google, Sony, and others lining up to create their own versions?

As another commenter had said: If you want one, buy one. If you don't want one, don't buy one. It's that simple. What is this obsession people have in trying to convince others to buy or not buy?

Michael   April 15th, 2010 1:33 pm ET


Just curious – what about this makes you feel so strongly that you're posting so many comments in this article?

Yes, I'm posting this on a Mac workstation that also has Ubuntu, Windows 7, Windows XP and Mac OS X Server in virtual machines. I don't own an iPhone, I own a Droid. I don't own an iPod either. I'm hardly an Apple fanboi. I use what we find to be the best tool for the job.

I work for the largest university in the US and part of my job is to evaluate and implement technology for our students and staff. As a result, I get to look at a lot of products and gadgets and evaluate them. Perks of the job. :)

Everyone has a right to their opinion. I just can't understand the approach that anyone is so set on an Apple product being a failure when recent Apple products have proved the complete opposite. They've not only been incredible successes – they've transformed industries.

What is the basis of your logic that iPaid will fail? Surely you're not using recent history to support this?


lIllI   April 15th, 2010 1:54 pm ET

I love when people list my name...makes them sound like they are stuttering. but I digress hehehe.

Michael, I am glad that you feel so obligated to puff out your chest as you spout off all the OS you have on your simple little machine and of the other devices you own. Would you like a cookie? Do you feel special? I am glad to hear about your profession, thanks for sharing. Why is it that people feel obligated to explain about their job on these boards? Its as if they think people really care or that it gives them some sort fo credibility. Oh well, more power to you Michael.

Anywho...BETA v VHS, HD v Blu Ray.
In the first two cases the first one listed above was supposed to be the latest and greatest but was killed by the version that followed afterwards. And such will be the case with "The pad." The Courier will beat it out. Yes, I know its a bit of a stretch comparing the multimedia product to the new multimedia device but its very similar. Though the devices tend to not fade out completely, the Pad will still be around, but its current fad will dwindle and the more popular devices will shine. I am not a mindless follower of MS at all: I do research on devices before I pick them up. And once again, yet another Apple Fanboi questions why people are against the Pad. Look at the pricepoint of it, look at the price point of an iPhone. Tell me what the iPad has that the iPhone doesn't and explain the reason for the higher PP.

Scott   April 15th, 2010 2:02 pm ET

I bought an ipad thinking i could return it if i didn't really like a lot...Well i'm keeping it for sure. Like most others i have zero issues with wifi or anything else. For those saying a laptop can do way more than the ipad. Well it can do more, but a ipad is way smaller and nice and cool if you want to use it in bed or on your lap(don't have to worry about the fans being blocked like with a laptop). And if it's a fad a lot of other companies are making pretty much the same thing so they will be screwed as well.

tj1965   April 15th, 2010 2:20 pm ET

I bought one a week after the release. I like it alot. It is much quicker to access than my laptop. I use my laptop much less now, because the Ipad is just easier to use for most of what I do. I am sure that in two years I will replace it with something newer, but I am OK with that.

BTW, stop feeding the trolls and haters. When you engage in arguments with idiots, it just brings you down to their level. Let them roll around in their hate, it provides them with self justification in life.

dirk diggler   April 15th, 2010 2:27 pm ET

I was sitting on my patio in machesney park il enjoying some refreshmnets and it flew right over my trailer. There was a lot of light like a giant laser beam and it made a loud booming sound... I jumped up out of my seat and dove underneath my trailer yelling take cover to my wife and kids! The next thing i know my wife is pullin my legs yellin at me to get out from underneath the trailer. Her and the kids didn't see a thing

Futbol Czarina   April 15th, 2010 2:55 pm ET

What problems need to be fixed on the iPad? Mine works flawlessly, as I've come to expect from Apple. Never had such luck with any other companies prior to this. I will holler from the rooftop, "iPad IS FABULOUS!!!"
But I love every Apple product we're owned thus far: the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I'm a self-proclaimed Apple junkie.

Brian   April 15th, 2010 3:16 pm ET

I love my Ipad. I use it a lot, and have had No issues....none....nada

Jason   April 16th, 2010 4:23 am ET

ipad would be perfect if it only had flash, so you can go to all the differnt websites, when apple fixes this issue then i will buy and then promite the sale of it ,,,

Sency   April 16th, 2010 10:33 pm ET

Apple IPAD is awesome, people are going to love it across the world

Roger   April 18th, 2010 8:20 am ET

So, what is this about the new Ipod touch 3G being released in September?
I seems to me like Apple is just continuing to turn out stuff, maybe once the craze of the Ipad dies down a little bit.

alex   April 19th, 2010 12:59 pm ET

ipad is wi-fi signal is horrible my ipod touch has better signal

Jeff Allen   May 1st, 2010 4:50 am ET

The real problem with the internatinal delay is Apple obviously feel US customers are more important than international customers and more or less say so in the press release. As a long standing Apple customer with computers, lap tops and iphones in our house I feel Apple have become arrogant and think its OK to annouce a launch date and then change it so US customers are taken care of first doesnt say much about what they think of international customers.

Vegetable Storage :   October 31st, 2010 11:22 am ET

my favorite birthday present is always stuff toy, i always give cute stuff toys to anyone i know that celebrates his/her birthd "

Apple, Inc Statement: iPad™ International Orders Delayed One Month — Apple iPad Buzz   July 9th, 2011 8:35 pm ET

[...] to CNN: The slate computer was originally scheduled to go on sale April 24 in Australia, Canada, France, [...]

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