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January 28, 2010

Apple Fanboy 2: Not impressed with the iPad

Posted: 03:58 PM ET
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Leading up to Apple's Wednesday announcement, I was pretty giddy. I’m in the market for a new laptop - or really a sub-notebook or netbook - so I was hoping this would fit the bill.

And hey, the iPad tablet computing device that Apple unveiled is pretty cool. It has a nice, big screen, a new and seemingly zippy processor, a new bookstore (the iBookstore) and even new iWorks apps to help you get stuff done. With the full-size, touch-screen keyboard and the Pages word processing app, I could easily take notes in meetings or even write blog posts with ease.

But I'm not sold. Apple's first-generation products are infamous for glitches, and there are some key features missing in the iPad Apple CEO Steve Jobs debuted this week.

So I’ll wait to see the next-gen device before I decide to buy or not.

Here’s why:

1) No camera. Um, what???

2) A 3G data connection is $129 extra plus $30 a month for unlimited data? No thanks.

3) The price. Sure, others are excited about the starting price of $499. But the high-end model, which I would want, doesn't seem worth it.

But what do you think? Did apple hit the mark, or miss it completely? What features were you surprised by and what are you annoyed isn’t there?

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intrpd04   January 28th, 2010 4:37 pm ET

Its great, but I'll stick to my non-apple smartphone. It has a smaller screen (but it wide screen) but has the "missing" features the ipad is lacking.

KrazyRussian   January 28th, 2010 5:21 pm ET

This thingie is trying hard to be a non-iPone non-laptop, and yet no video camera... no skype video calls. A major omission.

I will still buy it, though – regardless 🙂

ROMEO T   January 28th, 2010 8:17 pm ET

ipad need to be improve. nowadays it connectivity. which ipad does not have. the following; 1) no webcam, 2) no USB, 3) no expansion, this are the basic where netbook need advantage to connect when travelling. need to be multi-task.

Florian   January 28th, 2010 11:22 pm ET

i think the iPad is pretty amazing for a tablet and it will probably will be the best tablet available until apple releases a newer version of it. I probably will not buy it but if I would have the money, I would consider it. A camera would be nice but I can live without it. I never would take pictures with it... just for video interaction in games or video chat.
The most important thing to me would be how good you can type on it because when it should be equally good than a laptop it, I should be able to write a pretty long essay/blog post/etc without having any problems.

Spike   January 29th, 2010 1:47 pm ET

I really don't get the whole gotta-have-a-camera thing. How often would it really get used on a tablet? Not often by the average user. It would just increase the cost of the device for the 15% of the people that would actually use it.

I personally think it's a damn cool machine and I'll be getting one the day it comes out. I'm not messing with the 3G connectivity - I have an iPhone if I need that - and I'm not at all pleased with the lack of flash support, but overall it's darn nifty.

raj   January 30th, 2010 11:59 pm ET

As a category the Pads are completely unproven. That said if you add the opportunity is various categories like text books for kids, media viewing (books and movies) etc etc....its potentiall a big market. I agree that the lack of multitasking and a camera are ommisions like apples idotic decision to fight with adobe. That this thing can't let you go to hulu or watch video clips on cnn is absurd. I might buy one for a home stereo application or just to watch moves but the next version will surely be much much improved at a lower price. If i buy one an i'm amazed like i was with my iphone then i'll just buy some apple stock and make my $500 back quickly. If they execute and get good apps out and draw publishing content and get the price down in the next 9 months,,,,,then this could be great,,,,,we'll see. If you think its great buy some stock as success not discounted in the stock yet. Tech is in a swoon too which makes the entry point better than it would have been.

Grover W. Denver CO   January 31st, 2010 1:30 am ET

Apple has a history of introducing a product, and incrementally making it better and dropping it's price. If this is the case with the iPad, they can only go UP from here. Every Apple device in my home works they way it's supposed to, and works well until I sell it or recycle it. The only other brand in my home that come close to that is Sony. It will do what it is designed to do and will do it until it surpassed by the next generation of that device.
What other gadget does that? and by the way, Sony make very good cameras. Consider buying one, Fanboy.

Brandon   January 31st, 2010 8:54 pm ET

I think the Ipad is yet another example of Apple putting half-thought out ideas onto the sales floor to the dismay of everyone involved. The customers have to deal with an overpowered piece of equipment with EXTREMELY limited features, while the apple store clerks and retail store salesman have to explain why it does not include standard features that are in every other phone/netbook across the market, yet still manage to sell it at its high price tag.

But, high prices and questionably usability seems to be apples forte, and why should they stop now?

Mattjpn   February 1st, 2010 12:53 am ET

Close but no cigar.

1. No SD-Card reader. Hello pretty screen – what I can't check the pictures I just took ?

2. No flash. I know – but this was supposed to give us an amazing and FULL web browsing experience. Without flash, it isn't exactly a complete experience, now is it?

3. No multi-tasking. OS 4.0 maybe?

4. No HDMI / HD out. Limited to lower definition video output was not a wise move. What if I want to watch some of my iTunes content on muh TV?

5. No camera. Again – huh? I don't care if I can clip a webcam on, you have the tech and it would be so much more convenient to have it built in.

nireyaj   February 2nd, 2010 3:44 am ET

I can't complain that a hammer is not a wrench. The iPad is not a phone, or a netbook, as I understand it, and wasn't meant to be. It would be nice if it were, but it isn't. As such, i didn't expect it to have flash, or a camera, or multi-tasking, or such, and wouldn't have liked it if it did. How many books can you read at once,? How many video games can you play at once? How many emails can you read/reply to at once? Multi-tasking would be useless on a system like this. Have you used cell phone cameras? Their image quality sucks. If I want photos, I will settle for using my Canon 12MP digital camera. If I want to record videos, i will haul out my Panasonic camcorder. Since the iPad is supposed to be a movie viewer, it should have had HDMI in, and out, ports. That it doesn't seems stupid. I see the iPad essentially as a book reader-game player–email accesser combo unit. How well it fills those roles will determine how well it does in the marketplace. So it's not the be all/end all of everything for everyone. What is? Nothing. You can't drive a Ferrari 350 through jungles, swamps, unpaved hills, etc, as if it were a Land Rover. You can't out-fly an F-18 in a Cessna. The perfect hideout/backup pistol does not have the range/accuracy of a sniper rifle. To everything there is a purpose, and whining because one thing is not another thing is stupid.

Al IT DOD   February 2nd, 2010 1:48 pm ET

Without the Flash capability, isnt it pointless to sell a device to America who surf the web without this addon, how many internet sites actually use flash player?TONS!!! Get ready for lots of litlle boxes with x's. How is the java plugin? I havent looked to much into the iPad because it is basically a giant phone that doesnt make calls or a crappy laptop that doesnt work right. Those who think you wont need a charger are foolish. All batteries that recharge lose capacity quickly, thats how it is, all batteries do. I will choose a good phone or a decent laptop over this invention anyday. This fail device reminds me of a car that didnt sell. The AMC Eagle, not quite a car, not quite a truck and its performance in both categories were extrememly poor. It was a gimmick just like this device. If you want to buy it just to say you have it then fork out the 500 bucks. But for 500 bucks you can get a decent laptop for iPad needs and then some, or a nice iPhone with money in the pocket. This is like a Tivo device without TV. You can look to see whats on but you cant actually watch it. They dont have the 3G model available yet so buying one now is even more pointless. Apple says we almost got it done, here is the crappy version of what we are almost finished making...The idea of this is good with flash memory, wireless N and/or 3g with 4g in near future. However it has NO USB ports, NO CD/DVD drive, small hard drive, especially for its size and limited capabilities. The only thing I would use this for is a train ride from DC to Philly, but I drive.... Netflix streaming movies is about all this device is good for. Buy a small laptop if you are gonna spend 500$ seriously this thing is about 300 dollars overpriced for what you get.

Al IT DOD   February 2nd, 2010 2:09 pm ET deserve the iFail please do not blog ever again for humanities sake....Dell Tablet X2 same price. Same Size. Same Weight. ONE MILLION times better. Everything you can do on the Ifail you can on any tiny laptop. You can Read a book like the iFail, you can surf the web like the iFail. You can work on it, UNLIKE the iFail, you have security on it UNLIKE the iFail. You can bring media, download and share media on it UNlike the iFail. You can encrypt certificates, messages, emails, UNLIKE the iFail. the list goes on. My god i wish i was Steve Jobs he must think damn with my cute lil apple logo people will buy ANY PEICE of CRAP i make. And believe this thing is crap for the money. If it were 200 dollars I may consider giving it as a gift to my ex -wife so she can have her identity stolen, because this device will be a top 10 hackable nonencryptable wireless device on the market. The X2 even has biometric reading capabilites, nice security and thinking ahead into the future. the iFail probably has a nice Tetris app..........

brandon   February 2nd, 2010 9:55 pm ET

I think it looks awesome, the tutorial really did it justice and apple will release a 2nd generation as they do with all of their products. Remember the first ipod it sucked, but i bought a fifth generation later on it kept me sane through two deployments in the USMC. I don't think ole Steve will boot the idea after one model

Ommelo   February 3rd, 2010 2:42 am ET

I love the Ipad and want to take one home right away. Who can resist a baby so cute, those shiny eyes, cute smile and the baby smell? But I have to face I'm too old to take care of baby pup from another Apple's kids. I'll wait until he grows up a little bit: have a camera, card reader, USB and at least 120 GB memory.
I love Apple products but as a company Apple is a treacherous snake. Have you forgot how miserable were the first Iphone buyers when the new model came up?
The $100 price difference of each Ipad model is the most expensive GB on the market.
I just hope he Ipad lives to mature in time for me to buy one, because I have a bad feeling about the models with AT&T 3G.
That's either a joke or Steve Jobs is not that much of a tough negotiator as people say. What kind of devils contract did he sign with AT&T that they can't get rid off?

nireyaj   February 3rd, 2010 2:47 pm ET

Actually-AI IT DOD- I would not buy the first generation of this, or anything. I am pretty sure that the second generation will have flash, and more memory, and cost less. I also doubt that anything can be more hack-able than a Windows based anything. Having a proprietary chip, the iPad will be far more difficult to hack than the countless Windows based desktops, laptops, notebooks, and netbooks, already on the market...a couple of which I am sure you do now own, or have owned. The netbook I bought last was a Dell, and it has given me nothing but trouble, so why would I buy another Dell anything? The ipad is meant to be a book reader which also plays games,and surfs the web. It seems capable enough of doing the reading bit, and the second generation will probably be greatly improved for web surfing. From there, it will depend upon which games are available for it. So a hammer is not a wrench. Get used to it. When the Playstation 3 first hit the market, I decided that I would get one...but not right away. I waited for the bugs to get worked out, more RAM, more games, and a lower price. The iPad isn't perfect...yet, but has some growing to do.

nireyaj   February 3rd, 2010 3:31 pm ET

Wake up AI IT DOD...the Dell Latitude X2 is NOT a book reader tablet. It is a netbook computer with a rotateable screen. Whoopie ding! As a windows machine it is EXTREMELY HACKABLE. It runs Windows VISTA...which is such CRAP that even Microsoft-which created it-does NOT recommend it, and replaced it after only months with Winows 7. The iPad is not meant to be a netbook, so why should it have netbook features/capabilities? It does now have a netbook price, but that will be coming down. Biometrics are useless. The screen of the X2 being able to read your fingerprints, and lock out your little sister when her prints don't match yours, is not going to prevent others from hacking your X2 from within; over the net connection....which is where hacking comes from. The iPod was under powered, and over priced when it first came out, and I decided to get one...after it became more powerful, and less costly...which I did. It beats the socks of my pal's Zune/other players. Of course, it does not have a keyboard, a 21 inch screen, a webcam, biometric false security, or the blessings of The Great God Gates, so YOU wouldn't like it. Even so, it outsells all other such products. In a year, or two, the iPad will have an extra feature, or two, and cost half of what it now sells for. Then it will be a Kindle with color which plays games, and surfs the net, and does comparison to The Kindle only reading books. If nothing else, the iPad will stimulate competition,and make the Kindle/etc crowd produce better products at lower prices. As such, even if you end up with a reader which is not an iPad, you will have the iPad to thank for the more featrures, and lower, price you get on the item you do buy.

IPF   February 3rd, 2010 7:36 pm ET

Missing in action:
– no FLASH. There goes a large % of the web sites I usually visit.
– no camera. On either side of the unit. There goes taking a picture or video phone use. And not just a lousy 2 or 3.5Mb camera – the 5Mb + flash please.
– no SD slot. So much for getting my pictures onto it easily. Now I need a cable as well....
– no multi-tasking. So much for research and typing. So much for e-mail with attachments that need annotation & Reply. And so many more examples ...
– no 16:9 aspect ratio video. WFT is this 4:3 again? So much for nice easy to see video without the black bars.
– no HDMI output. So much for going somewhere & plugging in a screen to see a movie.
– no USB interface. Stuck with that proprietary Apple cable again. More s$%t to carry.
– no open interface to the unit. Stuck with that f'g S@#t iTunes crap interface still. What a waste of time, space, effort, and everything else limiting.

and ...

what's with the pricing? I can get a decent laptop for those prices.

tazzie   February 4th, 2010 10:05 am ET

I really don't get the point of the iPad (and the comedians are right ... what idiot thought of that name?). The number one reason I won't be buying one (other than a general dislike of apple products and knowing better than to buy a GenOne anything) is no multi-tasking. If I am reading a book, I would like to be able to listen to music in the background. No dice on this puppy.

Some things I would expect a reader/media device to have:

– HDMI output. DUH. My cheesy Dell netbook even has this.
– 16:9 aspect ratio. Do they even record stuff in 4:3 any more?
– Multitasking (as in ability to play music/read, play games/read, browse web/take research notes)
– Card reader for quick proofing photo shoots

That's the barest of bones for you. I don't see the need for a camera per se. I am willing to let the iTunes thing go because this is Apple after all. I use iTunes ... sometimes ... but honestly haven't found anything else that works in the least better so ...

The other little point I should make ... 3G on AT&T? I have AT&T service, though I do not own an iPhone (another collossally useless item in my book). Our network is so clogged with people on iPhones sucking up every available byte of service I can't imagine how adding thousands of iPads won't cause the whole thing to crash and burn.

No, Apple, you have certainly shown up at the funeral in a tutu with this one.

nireyaj   February 4th, 2010 2:53 pm ET

As for the name, it was a stroke of Apple a billion dollars worth of free advertising via: the web, TV talk shows, TV comedy shows, TV news shows, radio talk shows, radio news shows, word of mouth, etc. If some Sissy-Mary types refuse to buy an iPad, because it makes them feel un-manly to be carrying what sounds like a feminine hygiene product, that is ok. Many young, comedic rebel types will buy it for just that flaunt their gayness, their disrespect for machismo, etc. The product is not perfect...yet...but no first gen anything ever is. The itunes aspect can be the thing which makes, or breaks, the product. If Apple offers enough good ebooks at LOW enough prices, the thing will be a sure winner. if Apple offers too few books, or prices them too high, the product will flop.

Yoshi   February 4th, 2010 4:38 pm ET

To correct a common myth - You CAN listen to music and read a book at the same time. As long as you are using iTunes, you can listen and do whatever. People who want to stream from Pandora or somesuch site can't do THAT and something else at the same time.

People want 16:9 aspect ratio for movies. But people ALSO want to easily load photos. Well, what aspec ratio are your photos? Most people aren't taking photos in 16:9. So when you display your pix on a 16:9 screen, you end up with lots of black nothingness. The 4:3 screen means your screen has more photo, and less black bars. And the 4:3 ratio works better for displaying common book page ratios without tons of black space. Apple clearly chose the aspect ratio that best displays the different kinds of content people will want to display. Until we have technology that allows the screen to morph to whatever size is desired, no one screen will be all things to all people.

Edd Knowles   February 4th, 2010 5:50 pm ET

I was really looking forward to Apple's release of their "tablet device", thinking that it would be really cool to have a computer the size of a paperback book, with Apple's touchscreen technology, running OS X (which would mean running full-fledged applications), with USB ports, an 'e-Paper' mode for e-book reading, etc...
What we got instead, is a gigantic iPod Touch (!?!?). WTF?? How lazy and stupid is that (not to mention the unfortunate name - "iPad"). First off, with a 10-inch screen, it's less portable than a netbook. Also, 64 GB storage (at the high end ), might be fine for a phone or mp3 player, but is ridiculous for a modern computer. Also absurd, is the use of a Phone OS. Some people have been complaining that the iPad doesn't have a phone or a camera - well, I wouldn't be getting a tablet computer to replace my phone, but I would be getting it to replace my netbook or laptop. iPhone apps are great for a phone, but stupid on a laptop. The iPad doesn't have any USB ports!! So tell me why someone would by an iPad for $500 – $900, when a netbook at half the price has 5 times the storage, 10 times the RAM, has a real Operating System (who runs 1 application at a time?? ), and is expandable through USB. Some say the iPad is positioned to compete against the Kindle. Well, I think the Kindle is really cool as an e-book reader, mainly because of it's easy-on-the-eyes screen technology (I think reading on the iPad's backlight screen could get old real quick). I think the Kindle is over-priced (but I'm one of those dinosaurs that prefers printed books), but it's half the price of a iPad. The Kindle-DX not withstanding, I think the iPad is too big. I have an iPod touch, and I like the apps that it runs, and it's a great mp3-player - why would I replace it with something less portable? If I had an iPhone, the question would be, why would I carry around something that's not portable and has less functionality??? (and still have to get a phone). The silly Safari browser on the iPad doesn't even support Flash. Also, the iPad really is just a giant iPod Touch - the icons are scaled so that the bigger screen doesn't allow you to have more apps displayed on a page !

I'm a big Apple fan, but they really dropped the ball with this one.

The only thing I sort of disagree with is that I think that it's okay that the iPad doesn't have a physical keyboard. If I wanted a physical keyboard, I'd just get a netbook. When the iPhone came out without a keyboard, I thought that that would be a drawback, but it wasn't - Apple's touch screen technology is really good. Too bad they didn't figure out how to use it with their MacBook technology to create a really great tablet computing device.

Mike   February 4th, 2010 6:12 pm ET

I'm a huge apple fan. I love my macbook and ipod. They dropped the ball on this one though. No Multi-tasking? WTF? I'm out.

Lo   February 4th, 2010 7:53 pm ET

Its called a laptop, buy one. It completely obvious that the benefits of carrying a laptop far out way the burdens

Jaya Madhava Das   February 4th, 2010 10:20 pm ET

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Don   February 5th, 2010 1:11 pm ET

Just a quick side note on the technical spec confusion some folks seem to have. The Ipad does not have 32 or 64 gigabytes of memory. It does however contain a 32/64 gigabyte harddrive, huge difference there folks. And a 1 gigahertz processor is anything but "zippy". Some of the media claim that this will be a great gaming device. Um, sure if you plan on playing those cute lil games available from the Apple store, but if you think you are going to be able to download some of the killer games currently out on the market to play on your maxipad, forget it. This is just a cute lil gimmick that the All Mighty Steve Jobs threw out to the ignorant masses. And just to clarify, I am not an Apple hater, just not a sheep that falls prey to hype. I do no own an IPod, I have a stereo at my job, the very best of surround systems at home, and a radio in my vehicle. I do not own an Iphone, cell phones are a waste of cash and if I want to take pictures, I use my 12 megapixel camera or I haul out my Canon SLR. Please people, if you feel a over-whelming sensation to throw away your money, please send it to me. I ensure it will be put to great use 🙂

brad   February 7th, 2010 3:19 am ET

A complete waste of R/D time. A complete waste of money. Im not sure other than true apple fan boys and true gadget geeks that would run out and buy something that is only a quarter of what it should be.
Its diquised as a laptop with its size. Its a giant IPHONE. Its like a prop in a bad movie, and the IPHONE isnt that great anyway, yes I own one. And still trying to figure out why everyone wants one. I hate it. Its not a smart phone.

IPAD is like Steve Jobs, frail and boring. Obvilously there is something about the design and implementation of IPAD that kind of mimics steve jobs.

Im not impressed. And see that this fills no gap or holes as steve jobs so much tried to shove down our throats.

I expected more out of Apple. Is Apple returning to its old self.

Johanna   February 7th, 2010 1:28 pm ET

i would not call myself an apple fan girl, but I do have an Iphone which I love.
This IPad creation however, was was horribly thought out. What exactly is it supposed to be?
We have already established that it is not a phone replacement, and not a notebook replacement. Definitely not a desktop replacement, not a personal dvd player replacement.
And as far as i am concerned if it doesn't use E-Ink or some similar technology to ease readability then it is not very good for reading either.
So uh, what was the point of this device again?

John   March 19th, 2010 2:59 pm ET

It's not even comparable to the iphone. The ipad thingy (ipaddy) will have to go through a couple of upgrades before one could even think of purchasing one. Then, this one kills me. Where would you carry it? If you have to carry it around in a case of sorts, then you might as well have a netbook that actually works. I just don't get it.

The true Apple fanboys will buy it anyway, so our comments don't have much effect on purchasing and the one good thing about the ipad is.

Apple fanboys can stuff them inside their pants and they won't be mistaken for Jon Gosselin.

Kaylee Lopez   April 28th, 2010 10:53 pm ET

Jon Gosselin seems like a womanizer to me. I still hope that he would still reconcile with Kate.od couple. ~

Triniti   June 23rd, 2010 4:05 am ET

Hello My name is Triniti, I am a Producer/Audio Engineer/ and Composer for Film and television.
Im also The VP of a Record Label with Major Distribution amoung other things.

I say that to establish who I am and to express Im not the Average Consumer.

I have over 10 years in the Industry!
I have seen everyones dislike for the Ipad and all the complaints.

For me The Ipad is Awsome and I will tell you why.

For me being that I need special things, the Ipad opens a whole new world of creativity from mixing to production to editing and will speed up my work flow.

I needed a turntable for this project I was working on. I normaly just pay someone to do these type parts but I figured I need it done now so I need to buy a turntable. 400 bucks or more for a Technique 1200 or 400 or more for a Torq System or a Serato ( i hope I spelled that right ).

Then I saw BabyScratch I said wow.
Then I saw Flair I said omg
Then I saw Mixr I said ok thats it Im buying all these Apps
This saved me hundreds of bucks by comparison of just buying the other system alone. The 1200 being hardware would just take up space!

So the Ipad fills in a Gap for me, I dont need or want another laptop.
I dont need a DVD player. In fact most of my movies are all files anyway not DVDs. I dont need a Card reader. I have one on my laptop and my desktop and I use it only 3 % As far as a Camera The Iphone is great for that and the 3gs is even better but NOw The Iphone 4 Well thats in the OMG Catagory.
So I dont need or expect the Ipad to have a camera but if it ever does have one I could see some use for that in the professional world not the consumer market world.

Many say its just a big Iphone, well whats wrong with that?

On my Iphone Im running Beatmaker/ BabyScratch/Flair/BeatSquencer/ an Audio Editor, an 8 Track Recorder and Now I got a 24 Track recorder with a real mic setup.
The only limitation of these apps for me was I wanted more room for my fingers.. well now I have just that in addition to now having a Controler ( no longer need a that Jazzmutant Device ).
All these Devices from one Device!

In short for my needs, When Im oversears or taking a long trip but I still need to work , I dont have to lug around my laptop and sound card and ext hard drive..
I would be on the plane making a song and I have to break out my Hp Convertable touchscreen tablet, a harddrive , my USB based Audio Device and then cables and then headphones...omg thats why to much to be dealing with. While it works if there was a better solution I would jump on it.. Im not saying it replaces my Laptop and drive and all
But it offers me more flexability workflow wise and more arm room.
Then I can still do computer based tasks.Like check my email
send some completed MP3 files to the company for review or even relax and watch a movie or just clear my mind and play one of the many EA games ( for those who think the games on this platform are not real games ).

I am the proud owner of the Iphone 4 and Ipad 3g 64GB
and when the new Ipad version comes I will also have that one also.
( Then I would have 2 turntables Just like a DJ)

everyone complaining about the Ipad is like the Cassette tape users getting mad at the development of the Compact Disc.
Or like Analog Tape Studder Based users Getting mad at Pro Tools and an Icon( I use Nuendo personaly ).

So I stand as someone in this post that loves the Ipad and the Iphone!
Thanks Apple.
The Single thing that I DONT LIKE AT ALL IS ITUNES.



Isla Watson   October 5th, 2010 4:01 pm ET

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Nirejay   October 5th, 2010 4:37 pm ET

If it ran the same OS as the Macs I would have one by now...but it doesn' I don't....and I won't. Who needs a new OS, with all the headaches, compatibility problems, recalls, etc, that entails? Not I. It is too expensive to be a phone, or e-reader, or music device....or even all of those in one. It would be great if I could also load the same word processors, games, and such I'd have on a Mac...but I can' it is not enough of a computer to interest me. Bring the price down to $99.00, and I may get one as an e-reader/music device combo player. Otherwise I'll stick with the $139.00 Kendle for that. $500.00 is more than I am willing to pay for an "almost, but not quite, real computer" system.

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