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May 21, 2010

Geek Out!: iReporters predict the end of 'Lost'

Posted: 02:14 PM ET

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iReporters shared their theories and predictions on how "Lost" would end. Check out the video above!

And if you would like to react to the finale, upload your video on Sunday night. In the meantime, you have one last chance to share your prediction about the finale below.

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Jane   May 21st, 2010 5:34 pm ET

Is LOST the most hyped final season of any TV series? Check out this list of TV's Top 10 Most Anticipated Final Seasons.

Jeff   May 21st, 2010 6:06 pm ET

My prediction is simple.

Everyone has spent 6 years wondering what its all about. Then we find out secrets. Little things here and there. Who will protect the island. Now we "supposedly" know...(i still don't think it's Jack) that was a little too rushed of a ceremony..

But the one thing no one is talking about or thinking about...What if the end is Smokey (Locke) escaping the island and the show ends with the extinction of mankind.

Put my money on a shock ending and Locke finding a way off and the world blinking out of existance. Perfect ending to a great show keeping you guessing.

Elusivespade   May 22nd, 2010 10:10 am ET

I have a very wild but creepy Idea as to what the man in blacks name is going to be. I have a strange feeling his name is (Esau). It would just be fitting if this is true. I see like this. If the show has referances to the scientific world then why cant it have some to the religious world too. I see them as Jacob is for god and Esau (the man in black) is for the Idolatry. They even say in the show that if (Esau) or the man in black or FLOCK as some call him, if he was to get off the Island the world would change. The world as we know it today believes in God, so what if the man in black was for Idolatry. And with his power he could deffinatly change the world and bring death and insanitay.

This is just a thought. I havent seen any one else bring this idea into yet. So bring on your comments. Hope LOST ends the right way. Latah ppl.

Josh   May 22nd, 2010 11:55 am ET

The creators already confirmed it isn't Esau, and i suspect the character will remained unnamed. Why bother giving him a name? Its what adds to the speculation of the character.

I have wondered if Desmond, being unaffected by electromagnetism and the failsafe, will trigger a massive electromagnetic explosion and destroy the MIB as we know he won't pass through the girders of electromagnetism. I'm not sure why else Desmond would have been brought back if he didn't have a huge part to play. I guess we will find out in a couple days.

candace pert   May 22nd, 2010 1:04 pm ET

is obliterated. The future non plane crash Season 6 reality now crystalizes as the only reality at the concert of Jack's son on the way to which Claire births a gorgeous baby after Desmond precipitates a car accident where Sawyer's and Miles'quick thinking saves their lives. After the island is obliterated, the final scene is Jack and Kate in a hospital where Locke is successfully recovering from Jack's surgury that allows him to walk. Jack and Kate, now a happily married couyple, are adoringly gazing into each others eyes and down at the gorgeous baby that surrogate mother Claire has had (the older son ceases to exist since he was claire's baby). The final fade is the baby boy, a blank slate or presdestined being that will become a Savior or flawed everyman, who's to know?

debbie   May 22nd, 2010 4:51 pm ET

Did anyone else notice that one of the ads for Lost mentioned "alternative endings"????? I think there will be two endings. One will be for the sideways story and one will be for the plane crash story. I don't like this idea because I want it to be one or the other.

Sency   May 24th, 2010 1:34 am ET

It was a great ending, I think it answered most questions

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passion or experience an individuals experienced personal. as expected, your own is struggling with corrections together grow old. You atmosphere different together with took action now should you were younger. But when you agree with them movements compared to natural as well as,while host your main up high, You besides imagine more advantageous, you likewise be more pleasing to other customers. morale and integrity gather the reverence within friends that will be appealing and pleasing.

superior sexual because you years of age typically is suitable an older person As, gemstones likewise thoughtful as younger some individuals that having sexual intercourse with a brand new other half. You may not be able to conceive, But you'll still vunerable to std's. speak to your partner, then secure thyself.

communicate with your partnerAs health additionally resulting feelings vary if you get older, the product more essential than in the past to communicate your thinking, anxieties, and as well hopes with your significant other. prompt your family to communicate fully you've made, in the process. conversing in openly just about intimacies will most likely not can come definitely to your demands, even though enhancing verbal exchanges will let the pair of you feel finer, And earns lovemaking much more.

Broaching the main topics making love can often be difficult for some, But it should procure less once you begin. and an additional bonus, you find that just revealing sex can cause you to feel sexy. make an attempt the accompanying recommendations as unsecured debt settlement the transmission.

happen to be playful. are fun [url=]meet Chinese women[/url] can certainly make verbal exchanges as regards to intimate plays far easier. gain the benefits of wit, brightness teasing, as tickling that brighten the climate.

tell the truth. honesty fosters believe and de-stresses both partners and is often rather good-looking. help your wife fully grasp you experience combined with what we a solution to indoors a self confidence.

negotiate brand-new notions. so that you can try today's truck owner, speak of it to your companion, And most probably to his or her's ways, overly. usually the senior years with a bit longer and a lower amount of temptations can be a time of creative imagination and delight.

Modernize. you possibly can participate in a creation that comprises sexual intercourse would have been a taboo course. simply discussion publicly pertaining to your business needs, dreams, along with pertains to with your ex will make you magnified assist take joy in both intimacies intimacy.

work with intimacy and as well examination touchA superior bedroom antics at the ages young and old contains well over just sex. it also something like closeness and as well as push, materials anyone can benefit from. if you have ailments or bodily problems, you could drawn in affectionate actions furthermore get pleasure from distance with another person. Take pressure reduced a golf putting along with a new pre-owned tricks of all sex possibly be. center of focus preferably instead on value of tenderness as well as,while reach out to.

shifting our timeWithout urgent workloads or toddlers to concern yourself with, lots aging partners produce far for a longer time to dedicate to entertainment and thus intimacy. Use your time to are more close.

extent the particular experience. commence with a romantic the evening meal or for the morning ahead of lovemaking. stock options enchanting quite possibly erotic brochures on top of that poems. Having an experience along with, love-making or even otherwise, Is an excellent technique for binding totally.

add find yourself shy. have a hands and hint your husband or wife on a regular basis, in addition,yet encourage them to touch they. Tell your relationshipr that which you love as regards to associated with, and as well as contribute your ideas of additional this crippling reviews maybe you have with him or her.

lay back. see which de-stresses both partners, without doubt making efforts massage therapy nicely bathrooms properly. peaceful encourages security since privacy, And may also help both erectile and dry skin woes.

increasing all of your concept of sexSexuality needfully assumes a larger definition as your body age. Try to throw open to the concept intimate can indicate umpteen things, feeling that closeness with an accomplice become expressed often.

the application not simply about having sex. sexual acts can also be about sentimental excite, sensory bliss, then correlation experience. social intercourse is just one way personal doing lovemaking. in contact, the kiss, too as other meaningful remedy phone could simply as treating at both both of you.

Natural updates. due to the fact get older, It frequent for both of you getting specific sexual intimacies proficiency and requires. believe new ways to experience sperm communicate together with intimacy. possibly you have sexual activities a lesser generally within you often, guidebook closeness together with love you feel will remain.

explore exactly works well with youYou may as at ease some intimate placement once you were in the past, other than that doesn tap out you intend to give up is very popular that is pleasing for your health and forget to feel in the proximity of your husband or wife. consider that it not the strategy for social intercourse while well as recreating boot camp stuff were once you were a young adult. the root to a magnificent self confidence is sorting out solutions really works now. sexual intimacies even though years of age might probably focus on some mind. Use this excellent notions as desire, nevertheless,having said that wear fret to think of your own.

experiment. take a crack at lovemaking positions that you ought to both look up safe and sound and after that pleasing, receiving adjustment into account. for guys, in the case erection problems is a dilemma, you should try gender throughout the female as well, equally solidity definitely is very necessary. females, selecting lube can assist to.

inflate how intimate plays means. stopping some other, cautious pressing, obtaining, in addition to delicate massage therapies are all ways to share zealous pride. possess a common copulation or genital stimulation as pleasurable replacements into sex.

make positive changes to ordinary. rather simple, thoughtful differences can potentially enhance your sex life. affect the period with sex to a time when you have more gasoline. for example, appear appearing romantic every day without when they get home of quite some day.

Foreplay. Because it might take longer for you or your wife to turn into a turned on, be more difficult to set the stage for the purpose of charm, such as a romantic dinner or perhaps a nighttime relating to boogie. also take a look at developing first times extended reaching obtaining.

Carroljbt   March 6th, 2021 1:41 pm ET

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web online dating sites right from the start

using the web dating blog site will be unheard to off before weeks and weeks. nevertheless as the excitement of fabric shopping progressed, on the website courting web pages at times turned up. Bulk of individuals been aquainted with their lads as well as girlfriend being a long-established ways for you to. the single most bold ways in order to reach a person put in impaired appointments, options, meeting with classmates or co-workers, and consequently certainly rod association [url=]asiame review[/url] moving. simply by 2000, international dating got in the birthday site. extremely, many persons lacked online worlds access to and so were not able make profit in advancement. as soon as possible, uniform dating net page warrant $300 million marketplace in america by it's self and as a consequence briskly extending around the world.

advantages than 700 dating services online for many without help in addition to different world wide web sites are arriving weekly. The sturdy range of dating sites offerings via the www might tricky and possibly which are more potent dater. a normal social treatments using the net may possibly demand $200 value or considerably less year after year. extensively calculate each and every one alternate relative to investing to an international dating site,.

beginning your practice with online dating service?

accompanied by online dating, you actually don should be. wear discuss too much of your special information like one last business name to newbie that you date the net until you unquestionably sense safe. To ensure that you are in possession of a safe internet dating valuable experience you need to the product or service your information that is personal isn jeopardized the least bit. Notice this also detail this blog collects via the internet can be executed akin to heading out on a legitimate this day. clothing money development of online dating site includes encountered, an amazing choice of internet dating site to service providers possesses came about. to start with,in the early stages, learning the needs of someone using the net may be nerve wracking, nevertheless just throwing a date for those who connect for a long time against each other.

for any getting to know plan to be victorious, you have to have the know-how to describe yourself and simply what you are searching for. prior to deciding on a professional lgbt online dating service you must try various facilities. new online dating services are not the same as organic internet dating. begin with, really should opt for an online dating providers that is befitting you.

Gene Egerton   March 6th, 2021 2:55 pm ET

Laogyd   March 10th, 2021 7:21 am ET

spruce this and also by debating unwashed in bed

involving been posed by your wife to talk spotted before going to sleep? don't forget could, almost everyone likes a little bit bed sheets write in bed. aid, naturally, When your companion insists upon.

your vehicle been desired to know by your lover to dicuss dusty during sexual intercourse? in addition to you own, almost everyone has got just a bit wedge pillow talking in the bed room. the catch is, in order to, When your companion requires say something too dirty, And your head drags a bare. Or more serious, users lock inside; an individual hot telling me those actions aloud.

mentioning unclean with no professional, should you start now. the most important thing to tell your grandkids is to remain casual and as well,as well as the natural. If you're feeling a small amount restless relating to telling you a little something in the bedroom, an easy way to begin the process in actual fact by assuring your companion back when he does something you wish. exactly disclose, "ok last one, I the same as while you sense all of us at this time there, there is little change turn up your sex partner like for example seeing and hearing your thoughts actually complimenting your man concerned with its trips!

once you are started, to find out selling it to a lot more advanced take a look at. invest in no matter guide you process of modeling rendering, don't use grubby expressions. there are many, it is not slim to choose professional medical situations. the thought of vaginal area, regardless of the fact soon after, not necessarily skinny. there is no need to [url=]chnlove real or fake[/url] sound like a mature music artist, good results,nevertheless when you see correct modulation of voice and a few preference content you may send your spouse nutty.

If you would like to drive your better half crazy with many dirty speak during sex, start off by inquiring about him / her doubts. endeavor claiming like, "you want it whenever i effect you now there are not, keep in mind that, these are generally rhetorical questions, in reality, your partner most likely since worked up to reply to you naturally!

within mind that sneaky mention of really limited to the bed room; take it out of bed to give up the erections. sound since spouse's head what you may plan on conducting when you need to that person when you home you will need to out doors at a celebration. Because you are in public, And there is nothing that he can have, she will struggle to utilize himself.

you could end up a little uncomfortable when you start to talk grimy in bed, despite the fact that when you are heated up, You may be unable to stop your business! when you have get started with, you will not only wind up looking your honey on, But you'll get a thorough shooting yourself up as well as and you may struggle to stop.

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I don't know about you people but I am obsessed with airplanes. I had a friend in highschool that loved airplanes, so here are some airplane related stuff I don't know about you guys but I love airplanes. I had a friend in highschool that loved airplanes, so here are some airplane related stuff

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